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Book Review: Nightborn (Book 2 Of The Hollow King) by Jessica Thorne

Nightborn is the sequel to Mageborn and the second book in “The Hollow King” series. I had earlier read and reviewed Mageborn on my blog so when I got the chance to read the second book I immediately requested for it. Did I enjoy it as much as the first book? Read on to find out.

About The Book

Like deep dark water, it pulls them down. The faint fire of magic within them flickers and dies. Their eyes turn black as night. They are nightborn now.

Grace Marchant has been many things: streetwise orphan, rebellious servant, and now beloved companion of Prince Bastien, heir to the throne of Larelwynn. But their sunlit happiness is not destined to last. The golden magic which brought them together in purest passion is threatened by strange and ancient forces. Innocent people are becoming nightborn – cruel, deadly, unrecognisable to their loved ones – and these two young lovers are the only ones with power enough to stop it.

In times of peace, striking a deal with their closest enemy would be unthinkable, but now their only hope is to ally with the neighbouring Valenti royal family: manipulative, cunning, and always with an eye on the Larelwynn throne. The partnership comes at a devastating price… if Grace wants to defeat the nightborn, she must watch Bastien marry a Valenti princess.

Time is running out. With Bastien promised to another, and a stony distance growing between them, will Grace find the source of the nightborn curse before every last soul is consumed by the darkness?

My Rating

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Book Details

Author: Jessica Thorne
Genre: Fantasy, Teens & YA
Publisher: Bookouture
Date Of Publication: 26th May 2020
Pages: 380
Format: Kindle Ebook
Source: NetGalley

Before going into the review, I’d like to recommend reading the prequel “Mageborn” before Nighborn. Also please note, this review might include what can be perceived as spoilers for the first book so proceed with caution.

Nightborn begins where Mageborn ends, at the exile of Bastien, the true King of Rathlynn. This book is a rollercoaster of emotions just like its prequel. Your emotions go for a toss every few pages or so.

Politics, drama, betrayal and magic play a significant role in the story. There is a plague wiping out the Mageborn and only our main characters can stop it. Their quest to stop the darkness taking over the Mageborn, takes them on a journey back to where it all began, to Thorndale, the home of the Hollow King. On the way, they meet up with both new and old characters, form new friendships and lose a few.

While I didn’t exactly hate Nightborn, I didn’t like it either. I found it okay. Starting with what I liked first. I loved that the supporting characters from the previous book played a larger role in this one. I loved knowing the backstory of Bastien and how he became the Lord of Thorns. The writing was descriptive and I loved the world-building.

A few things that I had an issue with were the relationships between a few characters, it seemed forced or like a filler. It didn’t make sense to me. Unlike the previous book, the relationship between Bastien and Grace played a big role in this book and this even overshadowed the other themes at times. This made the story feel more of a romance than a fantasy in some parts.

After a point, the story felt a bit predictable but I guess that is okay considering this was a sequel to the first book. The pace seemed slow at first and the action only took place towards the end of the book.

Considering how much I loved the first book, Nightborn was a bit of a letdown.

Would I recommend Nightborn? Yes. Maybe you would like it more than I did. The book ended with the possibility of a sequel and I am really looking forward to that.

About The Author

Taken from Amazon

Jessica Thorne watched far too much sci-fi and read far too much fantasy at an impressionable age. And it was awesome. She writes fantasy and sci-fi romance with a steampunk edge and just refuses to face reality.

Liked my review? Nightborn will be available for purchase on 26th May 2020.

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Book Review: Nightborn by Jessica Thorne


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