How To Get Over A blogging Slump
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04 Things You Can Do When You Are Going Through A Blogging Slump

Ever get the urge to do something “blog related” but at the same time, you are going through a blogging slump? No matter how hard you stare at the screen no words seem to materialize. Don’t worry because this happens to everybody once in a while.

I went through a similar phase recently and felt really unproductive during those days. To help me get out of my slump, I came up with four useful things that I could do which did not involve writing.

Work On Your Pinterest

I never used Pinterest specifically for my blog before. It was a place where I would save pins from other blogs but never from mine. I saw quite a few bloggers on Twitter talk about how having a Pinterest board for their blog helped bring in traffic to their site, so I thought why not? It’s not like I was doing anything else at the time. By doing this I could spend time doing something blog related instead of wasting my time staring at a blank screen trying to think of a post to write.

I used the Canva app on my phone to create a base template that I would use for each category. Once the templates were ready, I scanned through my content and started creating. Trust me when I say creating Pins is therapeutic. Not only does it make you feel productive, but it also helps you SEO wise.

Pinterest is a great way to get you off a blogging slump

Edit Your Content

Another thing that you can do when in a blogging slump is to work on your already existing content. You might think there is no need to do this because why work on something already published? Because of SEO! Are your already published works SEO friendly? Have you included Alt Texts in your images? This is the time to go back and check if you missed out on any of these.

Or maybe you might spot a slight typo in a paragraph that you didn’t notice before? I found editing my already published posts helped me spot formatting errors, a few typos and grammatical errors. Also, it might surprise you but after reading what you have already written you may want to rewrite a couple of bits here and there to change the tone or to bring it up to the times.

Customize Your Site

No, I am not talking about making some drastic changes to your blog. While you can always play around with themes I wouldn’t recommend that for when you are going through a blogging slump. I’m talking about the smaller things, like changing a font (if your theme allows) or adding/removing widgets. You could even reorder the widgets in your sidebar to see which one you like better.

You will never know which customization setting you will like and now is the time to experiment. You can add pages (Privacy Policies and Review policies) and edit your About Me section. I feel pages are one of the most overlooked sections of your blog and now during your slump is when you can work on them.

Customize your website helps you in  blogging slump
Photo by Monoar Rahman from Pexels

Spend Time On Your Social Media And Read More Blogs

Now is also a good time to spend time on your blogs social media. If you do not have social media for a blog then create them. Social Media is a great way to get in touch with fellow bloggers and new readers alike. I still struggle at this and my Instagram seriously needs some help. But I try and a blogging slump is one of the best times to work and learn about your Social Media.

Another thing you can do when going through a blogging slump is to read and comment on more blogs. Reading what your fellow bloggers write is a great way to educate yourself and get inspiration. Read posts and support bloggers who specialize in your niche, for example, if you are a book bloggers read book reviews, if you are a lifestyle bloggers read and comment on some lifestyle articles. NOTE: While taking inspiration is fine, copying and plagiarizing is a big NO and I am in no way suggesting the same.

Have you found a way to get over a blogging slump? What do you do when you feel like you are going through one?

04 Things You Can Do When You Are Going Through A Blogging Slump
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