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05 Things To Do During A Reading Slump

Reading slumps. We have all gone through this at least once in our lives. In fact, I go through these quite often. I guess that is why it was easy for me to come up with a list of things that you can do when going through a slump.

Talking from experience, a reading slump is one of the worst phases you can go through if you a book blogger! I mean, our whole blog and content revolve around us being able to lap up words and write about them right?

Here are my top 05 tips on what you can do when you go through a reading slump.

Ditch the large books.

I have noticed that the one thing that seems to always put me into a slump is the want to read a large book or the pressure to finish a large book at a certain time. And when you go through a reading slump you don’t really feel like reading? This adds on to the pressure you put on yourself. the end result? You either DNF (Do Not Finish) the book or put it to the side to read later. Id recommend leaving the larger books for later when you are out of your slump and want to read.

Read a collection of short stories.

I think we in the Book Community do not talk about short stores enough! What better way to get over your reading slump by reading and not reading at the same time? And not only can you read just one story, but you can also read a whole collection them! My favourite that I keep going back to whenever I am in a slump is Norse Mythology. By reading a short story you trick your mind into thinking that you are back to reading and being productive. That can help you get off your slump (does that make sense? I feel like it does).

Listen to an Audiobook

I don’t usually listen to audiobooks except when I go through a reading slump. I have an attention span the size of a spoon and easily get distracted or zone out when listening to one. But having to not “read” a physical book and listen to someone narrating one to me really helps me during a slump. There are many platforms out there where you can get a subscription.

Re-read a favourite

Have a favourite book that you absolutely love? Now is the time to get back to it for a reread. Rereading a book that you love and enjoy helps to take away your focus from your reading slump. You already know the story so it’s okay if your attention span zone out for a bit while you read. You can either read it all at one go or read it in parts. The goal here is to help you get back to reading (but I can guarantee if you are reading a favourite you will finish it at one go).

Read book blogs

Your reading slump is a great opportunity to give your bookish friends some love on their blogs and booktube channels. Reading about books and listening to someone else talk about their love for books can influence you to read or maybe evoke that feeling to get back to reading .

Remember it is completely okay to go through a slump. It is really stressful at the moment and with all that is going on I know how hard it must feel to want to read. Take your time and start out slow. You will read again.

05 Things To Do During A Reading Slump
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7 thoughts on “05 Things To Do During A Reading Slump”

    1. Same! Its one of the very few times when I actually have the patience to listen to one.

  1. These are great tips! Reading short stories is a really good idea, I definitely think they don’t get enough credit. 🙂

    1. I love them! It’s like you can read something whenever you like because each take up to a few minutes to finish.

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