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    Book Review: Call Of The Raven by Wilbur Smith

    I love Wilbur Smith. But until now I had only read two of his books so when I saw NetGalley offering Call Of The Raven I immediately requested for it. I am so glad I did because this book was one amazing read. About The Book The son of a wealthy plantation owner and a doting mother, Augustus Mungo St John is accustomed to the wealth and luxuries his privilege has afforded him. That is until he returns from university to discover his family ruined, his inheritance stolen and his childhood sweetheart, Camilla, taken by the conniving Chester Marion. Fuelled by anger, and love, Mungo swears vengeance and devotes his…

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    How To Effectively Work From Home

    The current coronavirus pandemic has made it difficult for workers to leave their homes. To implement social distancing several organizations have instructed their employees to work from home. So how do you work from home more efficiently? The way you work can determine how productive you are for the day. After working for a week I have narrowed down to a few ways that I feel help you work from home more efficiently. Set Up A Home Office In a corner of our house, we have turned a spare table that we had at home into a fully working desk. Now if you do not have a spare table it’s…

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    6 Tools That Help Me Organize My Blog

    It has been seven years since I started blogging. Yes, you read that right. I have been doing this for SEVEN years! And while I may not be using the same blog that I started all the way back then (though I wish I was) blogging has remained a strong passion of mine. Someone recently asked me what tools do I use to help me with my blog. While I have tried several over the course of the past few years, a few have remained a constant favourite. While I’m not sure if these can be classified as “tools” or not, the below websites and applications really help me organize…