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Hello and welcome to ThatZenBlog!

What is ThatZenBlog?

Launched in 2020, ThatZenBlog is a place where I write about my thoughts on Books, Blogging and Lifestyle! After years of blogging on a free platform, I decided to take the plunge and get my own website in January.

What will you find on here?

  • Book Reviews: I am primarily a book blogger so be prepared to find a lot of book reviews and suggestions on this blog. I get my ARC’s from NetGalley, authors and from publishers. I also review my own books. My reviews are 100% truth and are exactly what I feel about them.
  • Bookish Posts: Apart from book reviews, you will also find bookish posts where I talk about everything else books. Lists, suggestions and opinions on current trends in the book circle.
  • Blogging Tips: I started my first blog on a free platform all the way back in 2012-2013. Over the years have picked up on tips and tricks that help to make blogging easier. Think of these as guides for new bloggers and those thinking of starting a blog.
  • Lifestyle: Literally everything else that goes on in my head that I want to share with the world.

Who am I?

Hi! I am Zenobia. Lover of books, drinker of coffee (and tea) and literary fangirl. I love reading books and writing about them. A full-time Human Resource professional by day, I spend my nights combing through pages of my latest read and then obsessing over it. If I am not reading I am either binging on Netlfix, dancing to music or unsuccessfully trying to start my gaming career.

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Want me to review your book? You can find all my information in my Review Policy about the same.

Looking for guest posts and collaborations? Email me at zenobia.t.kapadia@gmail.com or contact me here.

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