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Let me start off by saying a big thank you to Head Of Zeus for hosting this tour and for letting me be a part of it! I enjoyed reading The Thief On The Winged Horse so much. Check out the other blogs taking part in this tour and don’t forget to follow the author Kate Mascarenhas on Twitter here. So what did I really feel about this book? Read on and find out!

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About The Book

The Kendrick family have been making world-famous dolls since the early 1800s. But their dolls aren’t coveted for the craftmanship alone. Each one has a specific emotion laid on it by its creator. A magic that can make you feel bucolic bliss or consuming paranoia at a single touch. Though founded by sisters, now only men may know the secrets of the workshop.

Persephone Kendrick longs to break tradition and learn the family craft, and when a handsome stranger arrives claiming doll-making talent and a blood tie to the Kendricks, she sees a chance to grasp all she desires.

But then, one night, the family’s most valuable doll is stolen. Only someone with knowledge of magic could have taken her. Only a Kendrick could have committed this crime…

My Rating

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Book Details

Author: Kate Mascarenhas
Genre: Fantasy
Publisher: Head Of Zeus
Date Of Publication: 12th November 2020
No. of pages: 400
Format: Ebook
Source: ARC from Publisher

The Thief On The Winged Horse was a surprisingly good read. I must admit, I went into this book absolutely blind! I sent in my application to be a part of the blog tour after reading about it online. Several weeks passed and by the time I got my approval I completely forgot what this book was about. But you know what? Sometimes it is good to go into a book blind and let it surprise you. This book certainly did just that!

The book tells us the story of a tight-knit community of enchanted doll makers near Oxford, England. The secrets of the enchantments are passed down in the family and are never revealed to an outsider until a stranger lands up claiming to be the descendent of a lost family line and who wants to be a part of the family business. What follows is a tale of magic and mystery. There is also the case of a stolen doll and a mysterious supernatural Thief who is feared by the community.

Book Review: The Thief On The Winged Horse by Kate Mascarenhas

There are two things about The Thief On The Winged Horse that I love. The first being the enchanted dolls! Who wouldn’t love a doll that evoked an emotion when you touch it? I loved the twist this added to the book. I have read my fair share of fantasy by now and have never come across such a story like this. The second being that of the Thief. As you read the book you start to have questions about Thief. Who is the Thief on the winged horse? What connection does he have with Kendrick’s family and why do the inhabitants of the eyot fear him? the character of the Thief gave the book a very eerie ghostly vibe that reminded me of that of “the Phantom” in Phantom Of The Opera.

There is magic, mystery, and suspense. I loved how magic was interwoven with our modern-day living and was surprised when I realized the book took place in a contemporary setting. Each page in The Thief On The Winged Horse keeps you hanging and wanting more. The “gothic” atmosphere of late autumn when the story takes place adds to the feel of the book. The case of the missing doll and the investigation that follows reminded me of a crime novel and I loved reading about the steps certain characters took to cover their tracks.

Final Thoughts

So can we talk about the book cover now? The artist and creator did a brilliant job of making the jacket which does give us a good feel about the atmosphere of the book. The Thief On The Winged Horse is perfect for the autumn season. Each part of the story falls perfectly in place and leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy inside. And that ending? I did not expect the book to end in such a way and neither did I guess who the thief was. All the characters are lovable in their own way and you cannot hate them even if you try. The book also touched on topics of sexism and misogyny in the workplace which I truly appreciated. To see how Persephone went from the beginning of the book to the end made me so happy! I would definitely recommend this book.

About The Author

Kate Mascarenhas is a writer. Born in 1980, she is of mixed heritage (white Irish father, brown British mother) and has family in Ireland and the Republic of Seychelles. She studied English at Oxford and Applied Psychology at Derby. Her Ph.D., in literary studies and psychology, was completed at Worcester. Since 2017 Kate has been a chartered psychologist. Previously she has been an advertising copywriter, bookbinder, and doll’s house maker. She lives in the English midlands with her partner.

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    Great review Zenobia, I hadn’t heard of this book before but it sounds so good, so I’m going to be adding it to my list! 🙂

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