Book Review – Mageborn (Book 1 of The Hollow King) by Jessica Thorne

I was browsing through NetGalley a few weeks ago when I came across Mageborn by Jessica Thorne. The book is the first of The Hollow King series and after reading this I cannot wait for more!

About The Book

The life of an orphan soldier becomes entwined with that of the mysterious heir to the throne, whose very presence draws out the secret magic living inside her: a magic that breaks every law she is duty-bound to uphold…

The room is small and dark. Row upon row of jars line the shelves, each one sealed with blood-red wax. The seal’s mark is a twisted circle of briar with gleaming, gold-tipped thorns. And in each jar a flicker of forbidden magic dances… beautiful, but deadly.

Sold to the Crown in the aftermath of the Last Great War, Grace Marchant has never known her parents. Now, she trains as an elite soldier tracking down mageborn – those born with an ancient and long-outlawed magic – and destroying them if they don’t surrender their power to the Crown.

The mageborn who submit are collared, then handed over to the King’s cousin and heir: the elusive Bastien Larelwynn, Lord of Thorns, locked away in his shadowy workshop deep inside the castle. What becomes of them is hard to say – the Lord of Thorns keeps his secrets close.

Gace has always fought the voice inside her that questions whether the law is truly just – but when her closest friend is next on Bastien’s list, Grace’s loyalties are tested to the limit. Confronting Bastien – searching his strangely compelling obsidian-black eyes for answers – Grace is shocked to feel herself begin to change, to show the first signs of the wild magic she so fears.

Only the Lord of Thorns has the power to save her and the rest of the mageborn – if he doesn’t destroy them all first…

My Rating

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Book Details:

Author: Jessica Thorne
Genre: General Fiction (Adult), Sci-Fi and Fantasy
Publisher: Bookouture
Date Of Publication: 18th February 2020
Pages: 303
Format: E-ARC
Source: NetGalley

How do I even start describing Mageborn by Jessica Thorne? This whole book was such a rollercoaster ride of emotions. It started a little slow but as soon as the action started I could not put the book down! The book has everything that a royal historical drama needs, plus it’s in a fantasy setting. And that makes it even better!

The King is dying. Who will take the throne once he’s gone? The throne is usurped and the true heir is exiled. Mageborn is full of royal conspiracies, corruptions at court and secrets. You think you know who the bad guys are but once you come to the end you realise how wrong you were.

This book was such an adventure! I loved the action scenes and the slow romance between the main characters. The world-building was great and very descriptive. I love a book that makes me feel like I am a part of the world.

If you love magic, fantasy, political and royal conspiracies I would definitely recommend this one. Cannot wait for book two!

About The Author

Jessica Thorne watched far too much sci-fi and read far too much fantasy at an impressionable age. And it was awesome. She writes fantasy and sci-fi romance with a steampunk edge and just refuses to face reality.

Liked my review? The book comes out on 18th February 2020. You can find the book for pre-order here: Amazon

Book Review: Mageborn by Jessica Thorne

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