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Book Review – Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman

Before the beginning, there was nothing – no Earth, no Heavens, no stars, no sky. Only the mist world, and the fire world, always burning.

My Rating: 5/5

No. of Pages: 283
Published By: Bloomsbury
Genre: Fantasy, Mythology
Book Type: Paperback

I am a big fan of mythology. The stories tell us of a time gone by and of heroes and villains with powers unimaginable. The stories tell us about life and death and of adventures into the unknown. I have a fair knowledge of Greek and Egyptian mythology but I knew nothing of Norse. The only thing I heard of Norse Mythology was from Marvel’s Thor, and that too not much of it.

I am so excited to finally be writing this review. I hadn’t really read any of Neil Gaiman’s books before but this one interested me. I needed this book so I logged onto Amazon and put the book in my wishlist. It remained there for a month or so before I decided to purchase it and don’t I wish I did it sooner.

Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman is a collection of short stories. Each story is as enjoyable as the next and I found it very hard to put the book down, even for a second. I don’t remember when was the last time I read a book that I enjoyed so much and even while I write this review my mind keeps going back to a particular story that I loved. He captures your imagination and every single word brings our heroes to life. The stories will make you laugh, will make you wonder and maybe even cry. You watch the story of creation unfold before your eyes and you shiver when Ragnarok approaches.

The book is 283 pages long and isn’t a heavy read. In fact, it is so enjoyable you will be surprised as to where did the time go when you read. It is a refreshing read and is perfect for the time when you are stuck between books or when you don’t feel like reading something heavy and deep. I wouldn’t recommend reading this to young children because as with all mythology, this too contains violent and adult themes. You can read it to them if you want to, but be prepared for a lot of questions once you are done.

My edition is the Bloomsbury India 2018 edition. I love the gold on white cover and the Mjollnir really gives a minimalist but attractive look to the book. The font size is comfortable to the eye.

About the Author

Neil Gaiman is a bestselling and award-winning author from England. He is best known for his works in Science Fiction and Fantasy. His works include American God’s, Coraline, The Graveyard Book and Stardust.

Book Review: Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman


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