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Book Review: The Midnight Library by Matt Haig

I’m not going to lie, the Midnight Library took me by surprise. The book was doing the rounds online, which made me want to read it. And guess what? This book is my favourite read of the year! Yes, it is November so I’m pretty sure I can give the title to this book. No other book will ever be enough. So why did I like this book so much? Read on to find out.

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The Midnight Library by Matt Haig book cover. A roofless house with a starry background.

About The Book

A dazzling novel about all the choices that go into a life well lived, from the internationally bestselling author of Reasons to Stay Alive and How To Stop Time.

Somewhere out beyond the edge of the universe, there is a library that contains an infinite number of books, each one the story of another reality. One tells the story of your life as it is, along with another book for the other life you could have lived if you had made a different choice at any point in your life. While we all wonder how our lives might have been, what if you had the chance to go to the library and see for yourself? Would any of these other lives truly be better?

In The Midnight Library, Matt Haig’s enchanting novel, Nora Seed finds herself faced with this decision. Faced with the possibility of changing her life for a new one, following a different career, undoing old breakups, realizing her dreams of becoming a glaciologist; she must search within herself as she travels through the Midnight Library to decide what is truly fulfilling in life, and what makes it worth living in the first place.

My Rating

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Book Details

Author: Matt Haig
Genre: Contemporary Fiction
Publisher: Canongate Books
Date Of Publication: 13th August 2020
Duration: 08 Hours, 49 Minutes
Format: Audiobook (Narrated by Carey Mulligan)
Source: Self Bought Audible Subscription

I recently started an Audible membership and The Midnight Library was one of the editor’s picks for the day. I wanted to try out an audiobook and so decided to get this book and trust me when I say that it was totally worth it! What would you do if you had the chance to I’ve your life over again? Would you take it and live it differently? The Midnight Library talks about just that. This book isn’t one that you read for “fun”. It really puts life into perspective and leaves you examining your own.

“Between life and death, there is a library,” she said. “And within that library, every book provides a chance of another life you could have lived. To see if things would be different if you had made other choices. Would you have done anything different if you had the chance to undo your regrets? “

The Midnight Library tells us the story of Nora Seed. A young woman whose life really hits rock bottom. When she reaches the Midnight Library, she is faced with the decision of choosing another life and living it for a while. As she goes through her various lives, she learns more about life and living and letting go of regrets. This book was such an adventure. It had its high and lows and you find yourself laughing and crying along with her as she weaves her way through her various lives searching for the one she feels she will love.

Book Review: The Midnight Library by Matt Haig

Trigger Warnings: The book does talk about Mental Health, Depression, Overdosing, Suicide, Alcoholism, and Drug Abuse. Readers should be cautious when reading this book.

Final Thoughts

The book is full of great quotes. I wish I had it in paperback so I could highlight each and every single one. The Midnight Library is a wonderful, feel-good book that leaves you feeling happy and content. Brilliantly written, I would recommend this to everyone looking for a comforting and uplifting read. Matt Haig has written this book in a spectacular way. His writing style is beautiful and draws you in with every word.

This book really makes you sit back and think about your own life in ways you never thought about before. It tells us about how each choice we make creates a chain reaction. The Midnight Library also shows us how living a life of regret is never going to get us anywhere. It tells us that when we find our purpose that is not dependent on money, fame, and others, this is when we truly are the happiest.

About The Author

Matt Haig is an author for children and adults. His memoir Reasons to Stay Alive was a number one bestseller, staying in the British top ten for 46 weeks. His children’s book A Boy Called Christmas was a runaway hit and is translated into over 40 languages. It is being made into a film starring Maggie Smith, Sally Hawkins, and Jim Broadbent and The Guardian called it an ‘instant classic’. His novels for adults include the award-winning How To Stop Time, The Radleys, The Humans, and the number one bestseller The Midnight Library.

He has sold over three million books worldwide.

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  1. Yep, this one is going on the TBR! I think about my different lives all the time and wonder how things would have turned out. This book sounds like it would be perfect for a little reflection.

    1. I know right!? I would always wonder what would life be if I did something different. This book is such an eye opener. I hope you get to read it soon.

  2. Lovely review! I’ve liked Matt Haig for a while and finished ‘Reasons to stay alive’ last year, but I didn’t know this had come out, so thanks for drawing my attention to it

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