Book Review – The Things We Learn When We’re Dead by Charlie Laidlaw

My Rating – 4/5 Stars

Lorna Love is a promising Law student whose life was brought to a halt in a road accident on the day of the London tube bombing. Heaven isn’t what she expected and the afterlife gives her a choice. But what will she choose?

I just finished reading The Things We Learn When We’re Dead and I cannot even begin to describe the emotions that are going through me right now. The Things We Learn When We’re Dead is my first author collaboration and I am so excited to be writing this review. The book isn’t what I am used to. Going through my past reviews you should know by now that I mostly read Historical Fiction so reading a book from another genre felt refreshingly different. A cross between science fiction and fantasy, the book is an amazing read and each page will keep you hooked onto the next.

The story begins with the untimely death of Lorna Love, our main character and takes place between flashbacks of her life on Earth and the afterlife. We see various moments in Lorna’s life as she grows up. We see her go through good memories and bad, and at the same time we get a peek into heaven and her life after once she’s dead. It is a story on friendship, on love and on life as a whole.

The Things We Learn When We’re Dead is a modern retelling of The Wizard of Oz. Lorna, just like Dorothy, finds herself in a new world faced with a choice. Should she choose Eternity? Or a second chance at life? A second chance to mend broken relationships and a second chance to look back and live life in a better manner.

What I really loved about the book is that it shows us how one person’s life, how the choices one person makes an impact on everybody around them and makes you stop and think about your own. The book is an emotional roller coaster, one minute I was laughing at the absurdities of the afterlife and the next I was on the brink of tears when the tragedy took place in real life.
All in all, it is a brilliant thought-provoking book that I completely enjoyed. Would I recommend reading this? Of course!!

About the book
Published by: Accent Press UK
No. of Pages: 320
Genre: Fiction/ Science Fiction

About the Author
Charlie Laidlaw is a Scottish author. His other works include “The Herbal Detective” and “A Space Between Time” which releases June 20th 2019!!

Book Review: The Things We learn When We're Dead by Charlie Laidlaw

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