• Getting started on NetGalley
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    Getting Started On NetGalley

    If you read my book reviews, you would see that I get most of my books from NetGalley. So what is it and can you get your books from there? Read on to find out how to get started on the site. I will also include my tips on how to maintain your reader ratio, which will in turn help you get more books. First off, what is NetGalley? NetGalley is a website that helps promote books. They have tied up with publishing houses and authors to provide ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies) to book bloggers and reviewers. Anyone who can “influence” book purchases and who can create buzz for new…

  • Reading Slump
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    05 Things To Do During A Reading Slump

    Reading slumps. We have all gone through this at least once in our lives. In fact, I go through these quite often. I guess that is why it was easy for me to come up with a list of things that you can do when going through a slump. Talking from experience, a reading slump is one of the worst phases you can go through if you a book blogger! I mean, our whole blog and content revolve around us being able to lap up words and write about them right? Here are my top 05 tips on what you can do when you go through a reading slump. Ditch…

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    Tips On How To Read On a Budget

    We are all going through hard times at the moment and the one thing that helps us take our mind off reality is reading. But how do we do that when we are on a budget? Reading does not have to necessarily be an expensive hobby and there are several ways one can do that and be on a budget at the same time. After a little research and looking around, I came up with the following ways you can read on a budget. This post has been a long time coming. At the start of quarantine when bookstores were shut and I was looking for ways to read while…

  • How To Get Over A blogging Slump
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    04 Things You Can Do When You Are Going Through A Blogging Slump

    Ever get the urge to do something “blog related” but at the same time, you are going through a blogging slump? No matter how hard you stare at the screen no words seem to materialize. Don’t worry because this happens to everybody once in a while. I went through a similar phase recently and felt really unproductive during those days. To help me get out of my slump, I came up with four useful things that I could do which did not involve writing. Work On Your Pinterest I never used Pinterest specifically for my blog before. It was a place where I would save pins from other blogs but…

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    Quarantine and COVID-19

    Today makes almost a month since I have been working from home. While I don’t mind not having to travel to work in the current scenario, staying at home has started to get really frustrating and being locked up in quarantine is starting to get on my nerves. I was never the kind of person who loved moving out of my house. So it’s pretty ironic that I feel like I’m missing out on the outside world. This whole virus has changed the way we live. It has changed the way the world works and I’m pretty sure once this quarantine is over (and it will get over) there isn’t…

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    How To Effectively Work From Home

    The current coronavirus pandemic has made it difficult for workers to leave their homes. To implement social distancing several organizations have instructed their employees to work from home. So how do you work from home more efficiently? The way you work can determine how productive you are for the day. After working for a week I have narrowed down to a few ways that I feel help you work from home more efficiently. Set Up A Home Office In a corner of our house, we have turned a spare table that we had at home into a fully working desk. Now if you do not have a spare table it’s…

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    6 Tools That Help Me Organize My Blog

    It has been seven years since I started blogging. Yes, you read that right. I have been doing this for SEVEN years! And while I may not be using the same blog that I started all the way back then (though I wish I was) blogging has remained a strong passion of mine. Someone recently asked me what tools do I use to help me with my blog. While I have tried several over the course of the past few years, a few have remained a constant favourite. While I’m not sure if these can be classified as “tools” or not, the below websites and applications really help me organize…

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    I Cut Up My Credit Card

    I still remember the excitement that went through my body when I signed up for my first credit card over two years ago. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on that little piece of plastic and already had a mental list of things I would buy with it. Little did I know that that small piece of blue plastic was going to be a horrible curse on my life for the next two years. I knew what I was getting into. I wasn’t ignorant about what a credit card is. I knew the temptation that comes along with ever ready cash is hard to ignore but I kept telling…

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    Let’s Talk About Book Covers

    The saying goes to “never judge a book by its cover” but lets be honest here, I’m sure that is what all of us have done on a number of occasions. I have mentioned in a couple of my blog posts about how I love pretty book covers and that got me thinking, do pretty covers determine what we decide to read? I recently ran a couple of polls on my Twitter account to back me up on this assumption. I had asked my followers the below questions and out of 100 the results were as follows:- Do you judge books by their covers?83% voted Yes and 17% voted No.…

  • Laptop-Phone-Diary
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    How To Write An Eye-Catching Blog Post In Three Simple Steps

    So you started your blog and are all set to pen down your very first blog post. But what do you do? How do you write something that will catch the eye of your intended reader? What will make your article better than the next? When I first started blogging, I’d write down my articles however I felt like. I had no set format to guide me. I was clueless. And I wondered why I never got the views I had hoped for. Looking back, I now realise maybe it was due to the way I presented my blog posts to the world. I never paid much attention to detail…