Getting started on NetGalley

Getting Started On NetGalley

If you read my book reviews, you would see that I get most of my books from NetGalley. So what is it and can you get your books from there? Read on to find out how to get started on the site. I will also include my tips on how to maintain your reader ratio, which will in turn help you get more books.

First off, what is NetGalley? NetGalley is a website that helps promote books. They have tied up with publishing houses and authors to provide ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies) to book bloggers and reviewers. Anyone who can “influence” book purchases and who can create buzz for new books in the market can sign up.

And guess what? Registering on the website is absolutely free! Please note, this site is primarily meant for reviewers so if you do not plan on reviewing books then I wouldn’t encourage you to sign up.

Now that we have gotten that out of the way, here’s how you can get started on NetGalley:

  1. Sign Up to the site.
  2. Set up your account. This means setting up your profile by selecting the genres, reading preferences, and including a bio.
  3. Browse through the website and get to know the features and where you can find certain elements.
  4. Request your first book!

Setting Up Your Profile

What to include in your profile? I like to keep my bio short but full of information. That makes it easier for the publisher to glance at my profile and still get to know everything about me.

Try to include the following:

  • A little bit about yourself. This could be why you read, why would you want to review the books and why should the publishers grant your request to read the books before everyone else?
  • Your favorite genres. Mention the kinds of books you are most likely to want to read. Sometimes, publishers approach you.
  • Where you review your books. If you have a blog mention it here. Include your social media links and other places where you write your reviews like Amazon or GoodReads.

Also put up a photo of yourself. This is completely optional but I would definitely recommend it. In general, people like to know who they are interacting with. Try and keep it as the same photo that is on your blog or social media.

How To Maintain the Reader Ratio

NetGalley suggests that we maintain an 80% reader ratio. I guess this is to make sure we review the books that we are granted. Why is this ratio important? The higher your ratio, the greater are your chances of getting approved for your next book.

I will only mention a few tips and not go into detail because that will make for a whole other post. So here is what I try to do when requesting for ARC’s to maintain my reader ratio (At the time of writing this I am at 60%).

  1. Only request for books that you know you will read. Preferably in your favorite genres.
  2. Only request for another book when you finish reading your current one. No matter how tempting it is, DO NOT go on a requesting spree. You may land up with getting approved for 10 books at a time and that is something we want to avoid.
  3. Try and spread out your books. I aim for 2 books a month. This gives me time to read my own books or read at a slower pace. This reduces the stress of meeting the deadline.
  4. Try and review every book you are sent. Even if its a low rating. Rate and review it. It is okay to not like a book.
Tips To Get Started on NetGalley
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Another thing that I would suggest is to download or send the book that you have been approved to your kindle as soon as you have been accepted to read it. NetGalley archives books after a while and if you haven’t downloaded the book you will not get to read it once it has been archived.

NetGalley also has different websites for different regions. I would suggest using the site that is for your region or the closest one to it. I use the NetGalley UK website. The other websites are NetGalley USA, NetGalley France, NetGalley Germany, and NetGalley Japan. You are more likely to be granted a request if you ask for it through the site of your own region.

So there you have it! Welcome to NetGalley. Feel free to get in touch with me if you face any difficulty in setting up your account. I look forward to reading your book reviews!

12 thoughts on “Getting Started On NetGalley”

  1. I was waiting for this post! And you know what, I did exactly what you’ve suggested not to do here 🙈 and so now my review ratio is around 40% and I do feel the pressure! But it’s so difficult to control myself 😝

    1. Hahaha fortunately for me none of the titles on Netgalley are interesting to me at the moment. But it is hard😭

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  3. cozywithbooks

    These are great tips! I just got started on NetGalley a few months ago (maybe a few weeks?) I’ve only read 2 (on my third) from NG and couldn’t for the life of me figure out why after submitting my first feedback, my ratio was still at 0% 😂 Thank you for a great article and read!

  4. Hallo, Hallo Zenobia,

    I’ve been on NG since Feb but back then I made the faux pas in thinking the ‘other formats’ listed were available to request in lieu of ebooks — clearly I misread that whole bit to NG! Therefore I started off on the wrong footing all along. I just realised now I can go back and still review those titles if I can get a print copy via my libraries as that effectively ‘corrects’ the issue for me about why I didn’t review them in the first place. I hadn’t realised that if we have a reason why we can’t review a title we can then go back later to review it if the situation corrects itself or if we find a way to correct the reason why we couldn’t review the book! So I’m hoping to knock off at least 3x back titles I was approved for as my library purchased two of my requests and the third they purchased before I could suggest it! (big smiles) I just submitted another purchase request for the Middle Grade title and then, I can try to get the two Picture Books as well. So that’s another 3x I might be able to submit this Autumn if all goes well!

    2x recently were just not my cuppa and I didn’t submit reviews for them (audiobooks) because they were DNFs for me so I used that form instead. I do agree about reviewing the stories and I did submit one review for a story that just didn’t work for me, though in theory I heard more of that one than the two I submitted as DNFs. Hence the the review. Its a learning curve really as you were stipulating in your post.

    My % is extremely low as a result – so I’m taking advantage of the “Listen Now” options – where I’ve stacked audiobooks to listen/review according to their archive dates. And, two thankfully I did download before archiving took place, so I can finish those now. One I missed completely as I was having tech issues with my tablet and sent a note off about that accordingly whilst mentioning I’d review it once I could source a copy of it. So far I have only found it in print not audio. *le sigh*

    For me, I joined NG to help restore my ability to get back into reading more Non-Fiction but some of the Fiction I’m finding are blessedly in my favourite genre of Fantasy and/or are Kids Lit selections I might not have found otherwise for MG and YA. I am enjoying the whole process and I try not to stress about my % too much as I’m making progress towards having it raised higher as I finish each audiobook and/or the print copies to replace the fact I couldn’t read the ebooks in Feb.

    I think newbies will enjoy this introduction. I will also say I loved how welcoming NG the staff is and how approachable they are to questions, which saved me with mine!

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