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Let’s Talk About Book Covers

The saying goes to “never judge a book by its cover” but lets be honest here, I’m sure that is what all of us have done on a number of occasions. I have mentioned in a couple of my blog posts about how I love pretty book covers and that got me thinking, do pretty covers determine what we decide to read?

I recently ran a couple of polls on my Twitter account to back me up on this assumption. I had asked my followers the below questions and out of 100 the results were as follows:-

  1. Do you judge books by their covers?
    83% voted Yes and 17% voted No.
  2. How likely is it for you to purchase a book that has a brilliant and beautiful/striking color?
    97 % voted Very Likely and 3% voted Not So Much
  3. What is the first thing that you see that makes you decide you want to buy a book?
    37% voted for the Book Cover Design, 56% voted for Blurb & Synopsis and 7% voted for Name of the Book.
  4. If a book by an indie or new author does not have an attractive cover would you still buy it?
    59% votes Yes and 41% voted No.
  5. If a book by an already established author has a bad cover would that stop you from buying it?
    26% voted Yes and 74% voted No.
  6. Would you consider it “Lazy Publishing” if a book has a shoddy cover design that isn’t in any way related to the book?
    100% voted Yes.

I did speak to a few of my followers who responded to my little survey and many said that it is plays an important role. A good book cover determines if a book is picked up by a buyer or if the buyer walks by without giving it a second glance. While a the book cover isn’t the only thing that makes a person decide whether they buy/borrow/ want to read a particular book, it does play an important role in grabbing their attention first.

Think of it as a marketing tool. A colorful cover with the right font and imagery that stands out among the other books increases the chance of that book getting picked up. And why is that? It’s because our brains are pre-wired to think that anything that looks “pretty” is good. This whole scenario reminds of another saying i.e “all that glitters is not gold” but we are made to think that way.

Personally, a book cover plays an important role in determining what I want to read. I once had a book where the cover was really drab and that really did change the way I approached the book. A good cover makes me feel that the publishers/authors put in an effort into the book. It sparks my interest in the story.

So what does a good book cover consist off? To me, a good book cover should have the following qualities –

  • Colour Schemes – Bright, funky and contrasting colours that are pleasing to look at.
  • Fonts – Clear and crisp fonts and lettering.
  • Imagery – Pictures that relate to the story or pictures that tell us the story
  • Textures – Bonus points for additional textures and metallic engravings

So what do you think about book covers? Is it important? Let me know!

Let's Talk About Book Covers


  • Raye @ Whiskey on my Kindle

    OMG. I just did a whole video about this! Hahaha, I love it when covers are an opportunity for an artist or designer to work with an author. My most hated covers are stock images of half naked models (because I read a lot of romance). It turns me off of a book so much. But I do like just simple covers though – with not too much going on.
    Here’s my video in case you’re interested:

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