Quarantine and COVID-19

Today makes almost a month since I have been working from home. While I don’t mind not having to travel to work in the current scenario, staying at home has started to get really frustrating and being locked up in quarantine is starting to get on my nerves. I was never the kind of person who loved moving out of my house. So it’s pretty ironic that I feel like I’m missing out on the outside world.

This whole virus has changed the way we live. It has changed the way the world works and I’m pretty sure once this quarantine is over (and it will get over) there isn’t any going back to how it used to be.

Did we ever think that 2020 would get like this? Late last year I made up my my mind to start this new decade on a high note. This would be the year I worked on myself and accomplished all my goals. This year was going to be my year. But it isn’t. In fact, it feels even worse than the previous years.

I feel like I’m a secondary character in a dystopian novel.

India went into quarantine lockdown three weeks ago. I have never experienced such eeriness and quietness in the several years that I have been living in my neighbourhood.

It feels weird.

The police come around several times a day asking people to not move out of their homes unless absolutely necessary. Their announcements on the loudspeaker echo down the empty streets. There is a collective feeling of dread and anticipation hanging off every wall. Even the dogs aren’t barking as much as they used to.

We don’t know how long this will go on for. We don’t know when will it end, but we will get through this together.

I find it so odd how fast life as we know can change. Overnight, things that seemed obvious wasn’t there anymore. In an instant the world stopped working. And all we can do is sit tight and wait for this storm to pass.

Quarantine has brought my life into perspective. I can’t help but feel that we were given this time to think about our lives. Are we living it well? One thing I know for sure is that this time away from everything has really brought my life into focus. Things that I thought were a necessity, have turned out to be a luxury.

The people who I overlooked have turned out to be more important than I thought. The cleaners, the grocers and chemists, the vegetable vendors and garbage collectors, the police force and healthcare workers. All of them are real heroes who are putting their lives at risk to help us.

This lockdown has also shown me how privileged I am. I live in an area where there are 24×7 water, electricity and gas supply. The market comes to my doorstep once a week minimizing the need for us to venture outside. I’m lucky. And while I am grateful for my privilege, I am also very aware that there are many people who aren’t as safe as I am.

The poor and the homeless are very much at risk but they do not have the amenities to safeguard themselves as we do. We can help them and we should because the only way we can get through this is to show our humanity and be unified as a whole.

COVID 19 and Quarantine
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