• Nothing Ventured

    Book Review – Nothing Ventured by Jeffrey Archer

    Anybody who knows me will know what a massive fan of Jeffrey Archer I am. I’ve been reading his books for years now and his writing never fails to surprise me. When I heard that he was releasing a new series I was ecstatic! So imagine my joy when Pan Macmillan India emailed asking for my address because they wanted to send me a proof copy of his latest book to read and review. Thank you so much Pan Macmillan India for sending me this book. I cannot stop thanking you because you had made a girl very happy. About the Book This is not a detective story, this is…

  • Heads You Win Jeffrey Archer

    Book Review – Heads You Win by Jeffrey Archer

    After his father is killed, Alex Karpenko and his mother have to flee Russia if they want to survive. But where would they go? On one side, Great Britain calls and on the other, the United States of America. In an epic tale of fate, Heads You Win follows the life of a Russian immigrant as he tries to make his life in the new world. My Rating: 5/5 Details:-No. of Pages: 471Published By: Pan MacmillanGenre: Contemporary Fiction/Political ThrillerBook Type: Paperback Heads You Win by Jeffrey Archer is a fantastic tale full of twists and turns. Keeping up with his style, Archer surprises you with fantastic writing on every page. I…